High Level (L3) Support Solution

InOps high level support solution consists Vendor Agnostic High level Solution support for different technology domains

  • Network Operation
  • IP Voice Operation
  • Security Operation

InOps helps companies to perform at their peak level by combining deep industry experience, proven track record, end to end innovative solutions, and client focus.

Custom ERP Software Solutions

InOps ERP Solutions augments Profitability and Productivity. Our ERP is completely scalable, customizable and accessible on multiple devices mobile/desktops/laptops/tablet.This comprehensive solution offers access to real-time data across the organization – corporate offices, production plants, warehouses, distribution centers, transport cells, on the fleet, delivery points etc…


Easy Installation & Minimum Go To Live Time
Flexible & Fully Customizable as Per Business Processes
Mobile Ready, Native App Works Online/Offline
24x7 SLA based Support
Increased Productivity & Profitability
Increased ROI
Interactive & Personalized UI/UX
Top-Notch Security (Pin, Finger Print, OTP, Face Detection)


Security Solutions

Is your organisation prepared for potential IT breach? Here is your Answer… As per the recent studies 46% organisations that discovered breach by accident and 33% organisations that discovered breaches two or more years after the incident.

Our security solution keeps you ahead of the latest threats. Our platform provides 24x7 monitoring of your infrastructure, correlation and expert analysis of activity in your environment, detecting and alerting on valid threats to your data and devices.